Research is creating new knowledge.

- Neil Armstrong

At RSI, we appreciate the importance of appropriate analysis. The first step in our systematic approach is creating "The Picture".  This is the combination of all your relevant financial information, including current assets and liabilities, future inflows and outflows and sources of assets.  

The next step is to learn what's most important for you and your family.

Based on our experience, combined with our background in finance, we consider and quantify the trade-offs and side effects of various strategies, structures, financial tools and actions as they relate to the probability of progressing towards your long-term goals.

If there was something important to you that you didn't know, when would you want to find out?

Creating “The Picture” and our analyses frequently uncover:
  • Past decisions have been based upon misinformation
  • Current plan is not getting you to your "Preferred Future"
  • Current state of affairs is different than what you believed
  • Investments mismatched with objectives
  • Underperforming investments
  • Ineffective tax management
  • Exposure to risks, which will likely be unrewarded
Our next step is to develop strategies so we can move together towards your "Preferred Future".